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Who am I?


First name, "Lu," in Chinese "露" means "Dewdrop," nourishing the growth of all things.  Family name, "Ning" in Chinese, "宁 " means "Peace."



Actress-Filmmaker-Consultant-Advocate-Lifelong Learner

International Emmy Awards Juror 2019 – current 

International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Member 2019 - current

CAFF Chinese American Film Festival Award-winning Producer

Family Tree

Lu's parents worked as accountants for the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). Her paternal grandfather, the father of her father, was of Manchu descent. He was abused and imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution because his great-grandfather was a bureaucrat and respected good landlord. After his rehabilitation, he worked as a branch president for the ICBC. Lu's maternal grandmother, the mother of her father, a teacher, was forced to commit suicide during the Cultural Revolution. Lu's maternal grandfather, the father of her mother, a retired cadre from a state-owned enterprise, is a descendant of Zhu Yuanzhang, the great-grandfather of the Ming Dynasty.

China Journey

Lu spent her formative years from 1987 to 2013 in Xinjiang, Henan, and Beijing, China.


Her classical music education began when her mother was pregnant with her. As a child, when she heard music, she could play simple and beautiful melodies with both hands on the piano. Her father discovered her talent and diligently escorted her to piano lessons. Through the power of classical music and the positive encouragement from her family, she excelled academically and consistently ranked among the top students in her school.

At age 8, Lu's father fell seriously ill with cancer, throwing the family into a crisis and causing mental distress. Sadly, when she was age 10, her father passed away at the 301 General Hospital of the PLA, leaving her with post-traumatic stress disorder.  At ages 12 and 13, a criminal neighbor trapped and sexually abused her. She was pregnant and forced to have an abortion and almost dead in bed. These traumas led to anxiety, depression, and two suicide attempts within a month, where she consumed numerous sleeping pills trying to work through feelings of pain and sadness and survived in the hospital. She endured countless struggles, nightmares, and disruptions to her education, but she persevered. Her mom sent Lu to Evergrande High School, which was invested in by Chinese entrepreneur Xu Jiayin. Her teachers trained her in singing and dancing, and she was elected as the star cover of China's Boys and Girls Magazine,  which inspired her aspiration to become an artist.


At age 16, Lu began her early career as a TV host, model, singer, and actress. During her high school summer vacation, she achieved second place in a talent contest organized by a local television station. She was invited to be a guest host on a TV program; receiving her first paycheck and honor brought her immense delight. Although she forgot her dead father expecting her to study LAWS, her mom forced her to learn Business Administration, and she also took Vocal Performance courses at college. After completing tasks, Lu followed her heart to escape her hometown. She traveled by train to Beijing with the money she had saved from her childhood and her unwavering dream of becoming an artist. She was fortunate to receive numerous offers from producers, directors, and media companies while studying acting at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. Ultimately, she chose to join Huayi Brothers, a prominent talent agency in mainland China, and she quickly became a rising star in the film and television industry.

Work Experience

Actress – Beijing Ciwen Film Distribution Co., Ltd

Period: 2007 ­– 2008

Actress & Singer – Huayi Brothers Media Corporation

Period: 2008 ­– 2013

Ambassador – China Youth Development Foundation

Period: 2012 ­– 2013

Founder & President & Actress – Stellar Studios, USA 

Executive Director – (IGT) Interstellar Global, China

Period: 2013 ­– Current

Lu Ning has worked in the entertainment & technology businesses for over a decade.  

In 2012, Lu achieved a breakthrough in her career by successfully portraying the leading role of Queen Yang Ye in the Chinese historical TV series "The Chin Empire - Rise," also known as "The Qin Empire Ⅲ." The series received a nomination for the "Best TV Drama Award" at the 14th 2018 (CATF) Chinese American TV Festival and garnered an impressive 8,385,365 votes for the 29th 2018 China TV Golden Eagle Award's "Outstanding Television Series" category. Lu has also starred in numerous famous Chinese TV series and films and has appeared in numerous magazines and commercials.

In 2013, Lu Ning became the Executive Director of Beijing Interstellar Global Technology Ltd. She has been dedicated to restructuring the company. Over the years, she has gained much experience and essential contacts in cutting-edge production techniques, operational concepts, and management philosophies. These invaluable resources have helped the company to successfully develop into a diversified ecosystem that executes the research, development, production, marketing, and promotion of Films, TV Dramas, and Derivatives.

USA Journey

In 2014, Lu moved to Los Angeles, USA, to expand her career in art, technology, and business. She studied at the University of Southern California and served a crucial role in multiple productions.

In 2016, as a creator, Lu Ning pioneered commercializing and utilizing virtual reality for filming, gaming, education, and social networks. Inspired by Lu's pain points for dead relatives and friends, She designed and built an A.I. online Virtual community using the game engine and head-mounted displays with support from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, USC Viterbi School of Engineering, and U.S. National Science Foundation, USC Blackstone launchpad, MEPC&MFC Fund, and Amazon AWS. She designed a broad range of projects pushing the boundaries of virtual reality/augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and visual effects. The vision was to allow people worldwide to communicate in an immersive 3D world. She led her team to win the  USC Viterbi Technology & Innovation - Social Enterprise & Tech Entrepreneurship, Competitions from hundreds of start-up applicants, selected for the USC Demo Day sponsored by Incubate USC (Lloyd Grief Center and USC Marshall School) on 4/7/2017. All her team efforts day and night contribute to someone personally receiving the IEEE Virtual Reality Technical Achievement Award "for fundamental work in virtual reality networking, body tracking & institutionalizing the application of virtual reality," and other recognitions.

In 2017, Lu Ning represented her film team to receive a "Golden Angel Award" certificate and trophy as a film executive producer and producer at the 13th (CAFF) Chinese American Film Festival.

In 2018, Lu was elected International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Member and served International Emmy Awards Juror 2019 to current.

In 2020, Lu moved to New Haven, CT, and worked remotely.


From 2022 to current, Under the inspiration and guidance of Attorney friends, Lu began to study LAWS, gradually awakened her consciousness, and understood the definition of "Child Sexual Abuse," "Sexual Assault," and "Sexual Harassment." She started the journey of fighting for fairness, justice, and freedom with them.


Committee of 100 - Leadership and Mentoring Program, NextGen Leader


USC Marshall School of Business Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

USC School of Cinematic Arts - Film & TV & Game Production

USC International Academy - English & Literature Program

The Central Academy of Drama - Acting Program

Henan University - Business Administration & Vocal Performance


Yale University: Health Behavior Change

University of Pennsylvania: Entrepreneurship, Nuts, and Bolts of U.S. Immigration Law, An Introduction to American Law, Introduction to Intellectual Property, Employment Contracts, Employment Law, Labor Law, Employment Discrimination Law

University of Illinois: Corporate & Commercial Law 

Performance Skill


Acting: Film & TV Drama & Theater;Singing Vocal Range: Alto-Soprano, Vocal Style: Bel Canto, Opera, Pop; Dance: Jazz, Ballroom, Rumba, Chinese folk dance; Cooking: Asian, American, Italian, French food;

Play Piano: Amateur level 8; TV Show Hosting; Licensed Driver.

Professional Endeavor


Visionary & Motivational  Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Strategic partnership, Business Relationship, Brand Development, Software Development, Film & Game Production; Painting - Impressionist, Architectural Design, Public Speaking.

Athletic Endeavor

Aerobics, Archery, Badminton, Bodybuilding,  Cycling, Golf, Mountain Climbing, Running - General, Shooting, Snow Skiing - general, Swimming- general, Tennis, Yoga.


Asian - Chinese.

Fluent Language

Chinese(Mandarin) and English. 


USC SCA Thesis Film "Ten Thousand Miles" Producer & Executive Producer 
2017 CAFF Golden Angel Award Winner,  2017 GI Film Festival Award Winner

USC SCA CTPR 546 Film "Stairways" Associate Producer
Cannes Selection, Premiered at Cannes, the Sun Valley Film Festival, and UCFTI EXPO

USC SCA Film "Disney Princesses of War" Mulan | Lead Actress

USC SCA Film "Searching For Zhang Huike" Host | Lead Actress

USC SCA Film "HYBRID" Robot | Lead Actress & Associate Producer

USC SCA Film "The Other Side" Associate Producer

USC SCA Film "Safe Passage" Associate Producer
Producer’s Guild of America Film Challenge Winner

"Spring in the Winter" Yan Chen | Lead Actress [drama]

TV Drama

"The Qin Empire III" Queen ­ Yang Ye | Lead Actress

2018 CATF Selection, 2018 CTAA Selection

"Husband and Wife" Zi Qing, Yang | Lead Actress
2012 Anhui TV drama festival "Top 10 TV series" Award

"Pursuit" Teacher, Xiao Xia Tang | Supporting Actress


"The Sound of Wind" Warrior, Wei Jang | Supporting Actress

"Tunnel Warfare" Warrior, Ni Mao | Supporting Actress

"Youth in the Warfire" Warrior, Min Liu | Supporting Actress

"Thunderstrike" Police, You Yin Fan | Supporting Actress



"Anastasia" Princess Anna | Lead Actress

"Cats"(musical)Grizabella  a.k.a. "Glamour Cat" | Lead Actress

"Romeo and Juliet" Juliet | Lead Actress

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" Hermia | Lead Actress



"Justice," Creator, Excutive Producer, Lead Actress

"Dream Ark," Consultant

"Exchange and Change" Consultant



Adidas Neo
Armani AX
AC­KK salon
Beijing Armed Police General Hospital

Samsung "Princess Love" Cell Phone

Samsung Monitors

SK­ II Skincare products
For Beloved One "Face Mask"

Flyhomes USA

RIMOWA suitcase USA


Lu Ning Motto

Life is hard, but we can change it.

The mind creates matter; consciousness shapes our reality.


If I am not working on it, then I am studying how to get there.

Masters inspire people; Legends solve problems; Normal people complain.

A great leader has a servant's heart.

Empathy is the force that changes the world forward.

Leaders become great because of their ability to empower and strengthen others to succeed.











Media Coverage


2019 Magazine HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY  National Star Interview

2018 Magazine HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY Star Interview

2016 Magazine HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY Star Interview
2015 Magazine HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY Star Interview

2012 Magazine "移动信息" Star Cover 

2012 Magazine "手机汇"  Star Cover 

2012 Magazine "BEAUTE" Star Interview by

2012 Magazine "车间" Star Cover & Interview

2012 Magazine "美卡" Star Cover & Interview by

2012 Magazine "健康之友" Cosmetic Advertising
2012 Magazine "时尚生活" Cosmetic Advertising
2012 Magazine "时尚芭莎" Cosmetic Advertising

2012 Magazine "嘉人" Cosmetic Advertising

2012 Magazine "嘉人美妆" Cosmetic Advertising

2012 Magazine "小资品味" Star Interview
2011 Magazine "八小时以外" Star Cover & Interview
2011 Huayi Brothers New Year of the Rabbit Calendar Star 
2011 Magazine "健康之友" Cosmetic Advertising
2011 "北京娱乐信报" Star Cover & Interview
2010 Magazine "星库" Star Cover & Interview
2010 Huayi Brothers New Year of the Tiger Calendar
2009 Magazine "尚嘉" Star Cover & Interview
2009 Magazine "小康财智" Star Cover & Interview
2009 Magazine"新海归" Star Cover & Interview
2009 Magazine "中华养生保健" Star Cover & Interview
2009 "大众生活报" Star Cover & Interview
2009 Magazine "果岭派" Star Golfer Interview
2008 Magazine "纤手人生" Star Cover & Interview
2007 Magazine "都市丽人传奇" Star Cover & Interview
2007 Magazine "体育天地" Star Cover & Interview
2006 Magazine "星库" Star Cover & Interview
2004 Magazine "少男少女" Star Cover & Interview

Lu Ning attended the 2019 Emmy Awards ceremony as the International  Emmy Awards judge.

Lu Ning, as a speaker on Panel III The future of Media & Entertainment at UC Berkeley Summit 2019.

“Golden Angel”  Lu Ning shins at the Chinese American TV& Film Festival.

Lu Ning bloomed in the TV Series "The Chin Empire - Rise" with a stunning ancient costume.

Lu Ning's Highly Anticipated New Leading Role in the Comedy TV Series "Husband and Wife" Will Broadcast Soon.

Lu Ning Shows Cooking Skill in "Hope of Kitchen."

Lu Ning Cooks for Children, "Hope of Kitchen" Unveiled on 6.1 Children's Day

Lu Ning Attended “The Beauty Cosmetics Award Ceremony” More Projects Will Be Revealed for 2012.

Lu Ning Expressed Her Warm Heart at Film "The Spring in the Winter" Held Press Conference.

Lu Ning and Jiaying Luo Shares Warm Heart in the Film "Spring In The Winter."

Lu Ning Yearns Her Love Same as Movie "Shrek" at Beijing Premiere.

Lu Ning and Hu Jun Revealed Emotional Scene in the TV Series, and Lu Ning has a Lady Style in "The Wind."

The Full Cast Team of TV Series "The Wind" debuts; Lu Ning's New Modeling is exposed.

Lu Ning Beautifully Eye-catching at The Main Creator of "The Wind" Debuts at The Press Conference.

"The Wind" Starring Quest, Huayi Actress Lu Ning is Expected to Join.

Lu Ning Shared Funny Stories Behind the Scenes at Her TV series "Tunnel Warfare" Held Press Conference.

Lu Ning Gets Hurt While Filming the TV series "Tunnel Warfare."

Lu Ning is Deeply Touched and Inspired by Her TV Series "Tunnel War."

Lu Ning's Pure and Lovely Braid Image Occupied the Most Screens.

Lu Ning Interprets a Unique "Ni Mao" in the TV Series "Tunnel War" Reveals a Strong Chinese Sentiment.

"Tunnel Warfare" with Rich Plots, Lu Ning Experiences Anti-Japanese War.

"Tunnel War" Woman Can Hold Up a Half of The Sky; Lu Ning Turns Into a Brave Fighter.

The TV Series "Tunnel War" tells a well-known heroic story; Lu Ning and Qianyuan Wang have a deep brother and sister relationship.

"Tunnel War" is being filmed intensely; pitiful Lu Ning got red eyes during many crying scenes.

Huayi Brothers Star Shined on The 2010 Calendar; Lu Ning, like a Sexy Cat, Leading The Rising Stars.

Lu Ning Will Join The Red Classic Remake TV Series "Tunnel War."

Lu Ning's Lovely and Intelligent Image in the TV series "Youth In the Warfire" Has Hit on TV Channels.

Lu Ning Starred as a Patriotic College Student In The Popular TV Series "Youth in the Warfire."

New Star Lu Ning Has Purely and Sweet Debuts On the Red Carpet at the Huayi Brothers Star Ceremony

 Lu Ning 

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